• Finding Cheap Airfares

    Finding Cheap Airfares

    The increasing costs of airport security and fuel have made air travel ridiculously expensive. But there are some legitimate and sensible ways to make air travel more affordable.

  • 5 Steps to Reduce Financial Stress

    5 Steps to Reduce Financial Stress

    Money is often the root of tremendous personal, business and relationship stress in today's world. Here are five financial strategies to help you take charge of your financial world.

  • 5 Dumb Little Ways for a College Student to Make a Buck

    5 Dumb Little Ways for a College Student to Make a Buck

    Unless your folks are dishing out big bucks for you to blow, spending money is hard to come by. Evaluate your resources and turn them into cash.

  • 3 Nearly-Teen Party Ideas

    3 Nearly-Teen Party Ideas

    Your preteens's birthday is coming. You didn't exactly forget, but you haven't planned anything either. Now what? Don't sweat it. Here are three birthday party ideas kids will love.

  • Financial Advice for Newlyweds

    Financial Advice for Newlyweds

    Telling your soon-to-be spouse about your debt should be part of any marriage planning. It's not romantic and may be difficult, but it will help reduce money tension as you begin life as a couple.

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