• Dog Walker

    Can You Make Money
    Being a Dog Walker?

    If you love animals and have a bit of a head for business, there is money to be made walking other people's dogs for a fee by becoming a professional dog walker. Just consider these 4 things first.

  • IRS

    The IRS Is Using
    Private Debt Collectors

    Do you have an IRS debt that's more than 2 years old? If so, you might be getting a letter about your account being transferred to a private debt collector. Here's what you should know.

  • RV Living

    5 Steps to Saving Money
    with a Lasagna Garden

    Fall is an unusual time to start a garden, but it's a great time to start a lasagna garden. Find out more about this no dig, no till, no weeding, no watering, and no fertilizing garden.

  • Credit Cards

    Proper Credit Card Use
    for Baby Boomers

    When you enter your 50s and 60s, should 'what's in your wallet' be changing? Should you carry the same number and variety of credit cards? Or is it time to cancel some credit?

  • Appliances

    Will New Energy Efficient Appliances Save Money?

    Older appliances can easily account for 20% of your homes total energy consumption, but buying new may or may not help you save. Find out how to do the math before you buy.

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