Should I Use a HELOC for Home Remodeling and Repairs?

    Some would argue that a HELOC is the best instrument to finance a repair or remodeling project. Let's examine some of the pros and cons of using a HELOC.

  • Travel

    Reap the Rewards
    of Off-Season Travel

    After saving for that fantastic family vacation or couple's getaway, it's time to finally book the trip. Before you join the throngs of other vacation-goers, consider whether an off-season trip might work for you.

  • Wasting Money

    That $20 Moment

    Think about it. How many times a month do you spend $20, rationalizing that it's only $20. Could you be losing thousands of dollars a little at a time? What are your $20 moments and how do you resist them?

  • A Teen Clothing Allowance

    A Teen Clothing Allowance

    A teen clothing allowance can be a very good idea, shifting the decision making from you to your teen. It can reduce family friction as well as provide an excellent teaching opportunity.

  • Economic Change

    Adjusting to Sudden
    Economic Change

    Quickly adjusting to sudden economic changes is important to your monetary well-being. See how failing to immediately accept the your new 'normal' can destroy your finances.

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