Celebrate Financial Literacy Month

  • Parental Spending

    8 Habits That Plug Parental Spending Leaks

    You can establish new habits, or tweak old ones, to plug leaks of any size. The trick is to match your technique to your child's developmental level, and then to grow with them.

  • Smart Steps for Building Credit

    Smart Steps for Building Credit

    Too many young adults damage their credit worthiness and dig a financial hole when they first start using credit. Use these guidelines to build your credit history the smart way.

  • Mortgage

    Why You Shouldn't Pay Off
    Your Mortgage Early

    There's a lot of advice regarding paying off your mortgage early, but have you ever given some thought to the benefits of not paying off your mortgage early?

  • Lease

    Before You Sign a Lease

    Always ask these questions before you sign a home lease in order to avoid making a mistake that may be difficult to reverse.

  • Emergency Fund

    8 Reasons Why You Don't
    Have an Emergency Fund

    Many people are not aware how easy it is to build an emergency fund. The only limitations are these misconceptions and sentiments.

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