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Declaration of Financial Independence

What does financial independence mean to you? If you're like most people it means a lot of different things. But, those things probably have something in common. They put you in control of your own life and give you choices as to how you'll live.

We asked 'what does financial independence mean to you?' and we received dozens of great responses. We've summarized them here.

Please take a look at the list and see if there aren't areas where you wish you had more control.

Financial Independence means:

  • Being comfortable with the things you have.
  • Pay your utility bills on time.
  • Not carrying a credit card balance.
  • Not being afraid of bill collectors.
  • Have six months of expenses in savings.
  • Being able to be unemployed for a short period without triggering a financial crisis.
  • Being able to buy a car without an auto loan.
  • Not having any personal or debt consolidation loans.
  • Not having any unpaid student loans.
  • Not having any 401k loans.
  • Freedom from financial fears.
  • Own my home without a mortgage.
  • Ability to give to needy friends/family or charitible organizations.
  • Income dependent on interest from savings, not from working.
  • Having sufficient retirement savings.

Why don't you join us in declaring financial independence? You don't need to tackle everything at once. We'll walk you through the process. We'll provide you with the information, resources and encouragment to help you achieve your goal. There is no cost to you. No membership fees or monthly dues. In some cases we'll recommend tools that can help you along the way. But those are things (like savings accounts) that we think will make it easier to reach financial independence.

So why not join the growing ranks of those who choose not to be under someone's financial thumb. Today is a great day to declare your financial independence! Each day we'll send you an email to help you take control for that day. Don't worry if you've failed before. This time you will succeed! Just click here and you can begin the journey to Financial Independence today!

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