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Extended Auto Warranties & Maintenance Plans

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Finding Hidden Money In Recalls

Leslie Winey

You could be owed some money from the manufacturer.

Is Auto Repair Maintenance Insurance Worth the Cost?

TDS Reader Solutions

Does repair insurance really do what they say?

Car Warranties?

Mark Albertson

Don't be surprised to find out that your repair isn't covered.

You Might Be Surprised to Find Your Car Warranty Has Expired


Your dealership's service department might not be telling the truth about your mileage limits.

Dealer Services Under Warranty

courtesy of The Car Care Council

What you may not know about car service under warranty.

The Upsides to Having an Extended Car Warranty


Extended car warranties can bring peace of mind, but don't get conned.

What is an Aftermarket Auto Warranty and Do I Need One?


An aftermarket warranty is one of many offered by the dealer when you buy a car. Here's what it's for.

Car Breakdown Insurance vs. Extended Warranty


Think these types of car insurance policies are alike? Read on to learn more.

How Can You Learn If Your Car Warranty is Good?


When you buy a used car, a warranty may come with it. Find out how much time is left on it.

Do You Need a Prepaid Car Maintenance Plan?


Prepaid car maintenance plans can save on repairs, but check on their limitations before buying.

Enroll in Allstate Motor Club for only $52 the first year!

Does Prepaid Car Maintenance Save Money?


Is a Maintenance Plan Worth It for a Used Car?


Service a Car Under Warranty at a Dealer?


Extended Auto Warranties: Worthwhile or Worthless?

TDS Reader Solutions

A Review of Extended Car Warranties

TDS Reader Solutions

Why They Sell Extended Warranties

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