When you can no longer afford your auto loan or lease

Autos: Loan & Lease Problems

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What Happens When You Turn In a Car You Can't Pay For?

Steve Rhode

Handling over your car does not always relieve you from your financial obligation. Here is what you need to know before turning over your car.

A Painful Auto Lease

TDS Reader Solutions

What happens when you can't afford your lease payments?

Seriously Upside-Down

Gary Foreman

Staying right-side-up in your auto loan.

When You Can't Make Car Payments

TDS Reader Solutions

Options when you're upside down on your car loan and can no longer make your payments.

Getting Out of an Upside Down Car

Gary Foreman

What you can do when the car dealership has taken you for a ride.

Troublesome Leased Auto

TDS Reader Solutions

Your options when you've leased a lemon.

What Will It Cost to Return a Leased Car?


You can't just turn it in and walk away. Here's what you will owe.

Surrendering Your Leased Car


Can't make your lease payments? You can voluntarily surrender a leased car, but you will still owe.

Can I Avoid Repossession by Paying Off Car Loan?


Closing out your car loan may not stop a repo. It's a matter of timing. Avoid these hurdles.

If your spending has put you in debt, we can help. Get the simple tools and steps for conquering your debt today!

Can't Keep Up with Your Hefty Car Loan Payments?


You want out of your car loan, but here's why it won't be easy to get clear title to your car.

How to Prevent Your Car from Being Repossessed


Lenders would rather not repo a car. Here's how to get the bank to restructure your auto loan.

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