Options for stopping or dealing with wage garnishments and account levies for unpaid debts

Wage Garnishments & Levied Bank Accounts

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The Easiest Way to Stop Student Loan Wage Garnishment

Steve Rhode

If you find yourself with an Administrative Wage Garnishment, here are your best ways out.

How Do I Protect My Money from Garnishment?


There are limits to what creditors can take -- especially if you have the right paperwork.

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File Bankruptcy Myself, Stop Wage Garnishment?


You don't need a lawyer, but you do need to take these steps to protect pay through bankruptcy.

As My Dad's Power of Attorney, Can My Wages Be Garnished for His Debt?


A daughter with power of attorney put Dad in nursing care. Is she liable for his debt?

Bankruptcy Filing Should Halt Bank Levies


When you file bankruptcy, attempts to recover your debt should stop, including collection efforts.

Am I a good candidate for bankruptcy?

Help! My Account's Been Levied


You can try to get the money back, but it will likely cost you more in the interim.

3 Ways to Fight a Creditor's Account Levy


If a creditor taps your bank balance, you have these limited options to hold onto your money.

Can a Creditor Garnish Jobless Benefits?


Except in a few instances, unemployment benefits are exempt. Watch out for these exceptions.

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Can Wages BeGgarnished for Old Debt?


Old debt never dies, but there is an expiration on a creditor's ability to garnish wages.

Can Creditors Drain Your Joint Accounts, Too?


Creditors can nab your savings with a bank levy. Can they go after your parents?

Two Wage Garnishments May Get You Fired


Get past garnished wages so they won't derail your career..

Can My Wages Be Garnished for Old Judgment?


This case could haunt you for decades. It's time to face your old debt and deal with it.

Fighting a Bank Levy with Few Options


Maybe the statute of limitations has run out on your debt. If not, a bank levy is tough to overcome.

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