Finding a Mortgage Lender:

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Your mortgage (and how you manage it) will make a major difference in your lifestyle and net worth. The days when you could get a 30 year mortgage when you bought a home and forget it until you sold are over. By strategically refinancing you can use your mortgage as a powerful financial tool.

You can do the job yourself. But it does take some expertise. If you feel confident you're up to the task we recommend using tools.

If you prefer to have some professional help, we strongly recommend ArcLoan. There are many reasons we like ArcLoan, but two stand out. First, they've been helping clients manage their mortgages for over 25 years. Second, they're not going to collect your private information and broadcast it to dozens of lenders. What makes them different your local bank? They'll use their industry knowledge to select the best possible matches for your unique situation, something your bank cannot necessarily do.

Here are some of the inputs that go into making a good mortgage decision:

  • Knowing the "Rate" and "Cost" - You can almost always pay MORE for a lower rate or LESS for a higher rate.
  • When to "lock-in" a rate
  • Things that affect your rate (credit scores, income, debts, LTV) and what can be done to improve them.
  • Is the lender reputable?

ArcLoan can help you sort through all of these inputs. If you're ready to start turning your mortgage into a financial asset contact ArcLoan to begin the process.

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