Frugal care tips for your fruit trees

Gardening: Fruit Trees

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Natural Care of Fruit Trees

Don Trotter

Caring for a fruit tree is mostly a matter of understanding what the plants require and at what time of year they need special attention. Here are care techniques for a few varieties of fruit trees.

Getting to Know Your Fruit Trees

Don Trotter

Growing fruit crops without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides and plant foods is as rewarding an endeavor as any other gardening project. Juicy, flavorful fruit that has no chance of potentially harmful chemical residues on them or in them just seem to taste better.

Time to Prune Fruit Trees

Don Trotter

Fruit tree pruning is an art form that is not at all difficult to excel at, and it is very easy to mess up as well. Here are some tips to help you avoid mishaps for happy and fruitful trees in the spring and summer.

More About Your Fruit Trees

Don Trotter

Here's what you need to know about "dormant spraying" of deciduous fruit trees in order to help with disease control and the controlling of some boring insect pests. So let's take a walk down by the fruit trees...

Time to Think About Spring Fruit

Don Trotter

Winter is the season when deciduous fruit trees are supposed to be dormant. Here we'll be going into the soil to help trees during the growing season and also to prevent some soil borne pests from attacking while the trees are supposed to be sleeping.

Fall Care for Your Fruit Trees

Don Trotter

Here are many of the ways to care for deciduous fruit trees to ensure a bountiful harvest of sweet and nutritious food from our trees.

Caring for Walnut Trees

Mira Dessy

They have a walnut tree that they love and is doing well. But, it needs to be moved. How should it be moved to a better spot? And when is the best time to do so?

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