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5 Things Your Accountant Wishes You Knew

Troy Martin

It can be hard to work your head around tax matters, and accountants usually deal with clients at their worst - tax season. Here are some steps to help avoid potential errors in your filings.

How to Get a Faster Tax Refund

Ronald Ross

Here are a few things you can do to get your refund faster.

Which Tax Preparation Program Is Right for You?

Gary Foreman

Finding the right tax preparation program is largely a matter of matching the program to your situation. Here's what you need to know to pick the one right for your financial situation.

15 Essential Documents for Preparing Your Tax Return


Don't miss these statements, which will start arriving via email or snail mail.

7 Ways to Get Organized for the Tax Year


Even if your tax situation isn't complicated, there's still documentation the Internal Revenue Service demands. But filing taxes doesn't have to be an ordeal. And it can be less frustrating and less time-consuming if you have all the material at your fingertips.

Who Has to File Taxes?


Believe it or not, some people make it through tax-filing season without any hassle. That's because the Internal Revenue Service doesn't require them to file taxes. Unfortunately, most of us aren't that lucky. So just who has to file a tax return?

Tax Statements You Need to File


Statements are on the way from employers, banks, stockbrokers and other institutions and agencies that were involved in taxpayers' financial lives last year. You might receive these statements in the mail or electronically. Here is how to figure out which statements you will need to file.

How to E-File Your Tax Return


You've decided it's finally time to take that big technological tax step. This year, you're e-filing. There are a variety of ways to electronically submit your return. Here's a look at your e-file options.

A 10-Point Tax Return Checklist


You finally finished your taxes. But before you drop your return in the mailbox or hit the "send" button, do a last-minute review to ensure it's really ready to go. Here's a 10-point last-minute checklist to make sure your paperwork is error-free.

Picking the Proper 1040 Tax Return Form


While all the personal income tax forms are designed to get the appropriate amount of your money to the IRS, the differences in these returns could cost you if you're not paying attention.

Filing Status Makes a Difference in Tax Bill


What's your tax filing status? It may sound like a simple question, but the correct answer could make a difference in your tax bill.

What To Do if You Don't Get Your W-2


If your Form W-2 never arrives, here's how to create your own for tax-filing purposes.

You Can File Your Return without 1099 Forms


If you received interest or dividend income, sold a stock or worked as an independent contractor, you'll get some version of the Internal Revenue Service Form 1099 to help you complete your tax return. Here is how to file if you do not receive a 1099.

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Avoid These 10 Common Tax-Filing Mistakes


To get exactly what you should from the Internal Revenue Service, as quickly as possible, look out for these tax-filing pitfalls. A few are new, thanks to recent law changes. Others are perennial problems taxpayers face each filing season. With a little care, you can avoid them all.

Overcoming 6 Tax Terrors when Preparing Your Taxes


Tax fear doesn't have to paralyze you. Here are six common tax terrors. Some are real. Some aren't nearly as terrifying as you might think. Conquer your tax terrors, get your returns done in a timely manner and possibly save a few bucks once you've overcome your tax-filing fears.

Watch Out for These 5 Terrible Tax Surprises


The tax law is complex and difficult for even experts to negotiate. Just when you think you've followed all the rules and researched all the angles, a tax regulation blindsides you. Here are five terrible tax surprises that you might encounter during tax season and how to deal with the consequences.

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6 Tips on Filing Taxes for the First Time


Applying for a Tax-Filing Extension

Bankrate Video

How to Adjust Your Withholding


Ways to Electronically File Your Tax Return


Schedule C vs. C-EZ


Last-Minute Tax Filing Tips

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How to File an Amended Tax Return

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Options When Choosing a Tax Preparer


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