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Tax Record-Keeping Tips


When it comes to tax-related documents, you should hang on to records that help you identify sources of income, keep track of expenses, determine the value of property, prepare tax returns or support claims made on those returns. Don't drown under tons of old tax forms. Here are the best ways to organize your records.

7 Ways to Get Organized for the Tax Year


Your tax situation may not be complicated, but you still must supply the documentation the IRS demands. Don't let filing taxes become a big ordeal. It can be less frustrating and less time-consuming if you have all the material at your fingertips. Use these tips to get yourself and your tax records organized.

Tax Records to Keep or Discard


Basic records are documents that everybody should keep. Although the Internal Revenue Service doesn't require you to keep your records in a particular way, it does urge taxpayers to keep them "in an orderly fashion" and in a safe place.

Don't Throw Away Your Identity

Edward W. Stollery II

Cleaning up the tax files already? Or orther financial documents? Don't throw your identity in the trash: burn it instead. Use these guidelines to determine what cannot simply go into the trash or perhaps even the shredder.

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4 Ways to Spy on Your CPA


How much do you really know about the guy who does your taxes? Whether you're checking out several CPAs cold turkey or just looking for information on a handful of candidates suggested by friends and family, here are four questions that will help you scope out their background before turning over your financial records.

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