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Vacations: Budget Travel Tips

7 Small Expenses That Can Blow Up Your Vacation Budget

Shaunna Privratsky

You are finally taking that long-awaited vacation. You've thought of everything, including travel, hotel, and food. You budget accordingly and then realize three days into your week vacation that you're running out of money. What happened? Small expenses can creep up on you and sink even the savviest budget. Unless your vacation is "all inclusive," there will be extra expenses you'll need to pay. Here are several things to watch out for and how to outsmart these budget busters.

Cheap Creative Vacation Souvenir Ideas for Kids

TDS Reader Solutions

Ideas for making memories for less!

7 Marvelous Ways to Save Money on Summer Vacation

Harrine Freeman

Many Americans spend more money during the summer because there are more temptations to spend money: the weather, the mall, boredom, longer days filled with sunlight, theme parks, vacations, museums and movies. However, you can still have fun by stretching your dollar. Here are seven marvelous ways to save money on summer vacation.

Luxury Hostels: Stay in Style and Save Money


Gone are the days of amenity-free hostels. More luxury hostel offerings have launched to cater to the next generation of traveler, who demands tech-savvy functions, cultural immersion and less pain on the pocketbook.

How to Save Money on Travel with Another Family -- Without the Weirdness


As a family grows, so do travel expenses. Consider vacationing with a 2nd family. It creates built-in playmates for children and can be a way to save money on family travel. These tips will keep the trip on track.

4 Great Ways to Save on your Next Big Trip


Sometimes the secret to a travel bargain isn't who you know, but what you know. Here are four insider strategies from travel pros to save money the next time you need to get away.

10 Secrets for Cheap Travel from a World-Record Traveler


See the world and save with a frugal adventurer who visited every country on Earth. Here are his 10 best tips for world travel on the cheap.

5 Routes to Blowing your Vacation Budget


If you believe you deserve a vacation, all the extra treats can blow your budget. Read on for five budget-busting vacation lies and advice on how to find true happiness during time off without going broke.

5 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Vacation


Vacations can be costly. To help take the hassle out of trip planning, we're making it easy with tried-and-true tips and tricks for enjoying a budget-friendly vacation.

Video: Avoiding Vacation Debt & Regret

Gary Foreman

Are you about to take a vacation that will make you unhappy? You could be if Donna Skeels Cygan of is right. We'll ask her why on The Dollar Stretcher Interview as well as get some tips on how to take a vacation that will not leave us with the regret of debt.

3 Shoulder-Season Travel Tips


Spring and fall are "shoulder seasons" in most parts of the U.S. The weather is still nice (there is no snow and ice yet), but the summertime travel rush has slowed down. Children are back in school and the December holiday travel season is still far away. The shoulder season is one of the best times of the year for a frugal traveler. The falling demand for hotels, museums, amusement parks and other tourist attractions often results in lower prices.

How Housesitting Can Cut Your Vacation Costs

Mel Bridge

Everyone has vacation dreams: to bask in the sun on a picturesque beach, explore forests, climb mountains, roam the streets of a strange city, taste exotic cuisine, make new friends or simply get a much-needed break amid new surroundings. But, in the current financial climate, it's becoming more difficult to make your dreams come true. House sitting is the solution. By taking a house sitting assignment in the place you want to visit, you can save yourself a great deal of money. House sitting wipes out accommodation expenses completely.

Why I Love Budget Travel

April Dykman

I love budget travel. Maybe it's from watching too many episodes of Europe Through the Backdoor and drinking the Rick Steves Kool-Aid, but I wonder if you'll believe me when I tell you that I wouldn't travel any other way.

5 Ways to Get the Best Value for Your Travel Dollar

Kristy Alexander

With the enormous expense of travel, your travel dollars need to go as far as possible. There are a number of ways to keep travel costs low to allow you more trips and longer stays without straining your budget. Here are 6 tips for getting the best value for your traveling dollar.

6 Tips for a Fabulously Free Vacation


Savvy travelers know that if you play your cards right, you can get nearly every vacation expense, from transportation to lodging and food, without shelling out a single penny. Follow these tips for finding free vacation travel perks.

Off-Season Travel Can Mean Big Savings


By traveling to popular places when most people don't, you can save on airfare, hotels and meals.

3 Ways to Prevent a Vacation Hangover

Celebrating Financial Freedom

Ever had a vacation hangover? No, I'm not talking about how you took a trip to Cabo and drank waaaay too many umbrella drinks. I'm talking about a vacation DEBT hangover. The best way to take an anti-hangover vacation (at least debt wise anyway) is to save up throughout the year and pay cash. Of course, that means doing things a little differently than most people.

10 Ways to Pack Smarter and Lighter

Linda Shapero

By now, you've probably heard or read about the extra charges most airlines are tacking on for excess, overweight and oversized baggage, which can easily run $100 or more per bag! But what can you do? It's time to learn to pack smarter and lighter for airline travel and that takes some pre-planning.

5 Tips to Map Out a Frugal Dream Vacation


In today's economic times, planning a dream vacation may seem like an unaffordable option. Yet, experts point out that the only thing separating the "dream" from "reality" when it comes to a vacation is the right plan. Follow these tips on researching, planning and saving money for the trip of a lifetime.

Taking on New Orleans $1 at a Time

TDS Guest Blogger

My old vacation mentality was "I'm gonna splurge, and I'm gonna like it." Well, that model flipped upside down and crashed with the economy in 2008, so my friends and I decided to test-run a new vacation strategy. We planned and executed Spring Break 2011: "Road trip on a Budget." Our destination was post-Katrina New Orleans.

Get Away on the Cheap: Frugal Overnight Trips

Elaine Snyder

Do you feel frazzled and find yourself daydreaming about vacations on the beach, only to watch the dream dash on the rocks because you remember your bank log entries? You need to get away. But how? Here are some great tips to bringing your dreams to reality.

Keeping Family Vacations Affordable

Gladys Strickland

Does the thought of taking a family vacation make your wallet cringe with fear? After arranging transportation and lodgings is there little money left for sightseeing, eating, and purchasing souvenirs? Don't give up on the idea of a family vacation because there are ways to keep them affordable.

10 More Ways to Save on Vacation Travel


Whether it's a day's drive for a week at a relative's lake cabin or an around-the-world cruise, everyone would like to have more money to spend on vacation. That little extra cash usually isn't difficult to find. It's probably already in your total vacation budget -- you just need to figure out how to save on some things so you have more to spend on others.

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