Best ways to find deals on hotels, airfare, and vacation packages

Vacations: Finding Deals

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Save on Travel


Travel isn't cheap. Luckily, going on an extreme budget isn't the only way to save money for a trip. Social media outlets, smartphones and apps are good resources for finding travel deals and promotions. That makes social media a powerful tool in searching for travel deals and discounts. Bankrate can help you harness this power to save money on your trip, with the following essential tips.

5 Tips for Finding Travel Discounts for the 55+ Crowd


Aging has its share of drawbacks, like more aches and pains. However, getting older has its upsides, too. You have more time for trips, and you are eligible to use senior travel discounts. Many price reductions start when you turn 50, so you don't even need to be retired to take advantage of them. Follow this travel guide to a cheaper trip.

6 Ways Travel Savings Can Cost You More

Kelsey Wymore

You've budgeted and saved for your upcoming vacation and everything is coming together nicely. Not so fast! That great discount you found may be setting you up to break your budget. How can this be the case? Here are six scenarios where you will pay more up front, but save even more once that final total is tallied.

6 Travel Deals for Seniors on Limited Budgets


The dream of spending your golden years traveling doesn't have to be shelved because of a limited budget in retirement. A variety of employers, from the travel industry to the federal government, hire seniors for second careers in positions that make use of their life skills and professional experience -- and at the same time afford opportunities for travel in the U.S. or abroad.

7 Tips to All-Inclusive Resort Steals and Deals


Finding a deal at a great all-inclusive resort can be a little complicated, unless you're dedicated. Here's a guide to finding the best all-inclusive vacation deals for an upcoming trip.

Surprising Travel Savings

Magnus Hirst

The key to traveling on a budget is researching deals before you go. Heavy hitting comparison websites like Expedia and Orbitz have taken much of the guesswork out of the process of arranging travel for less. Far too often however, consumers are content to run one search and believe they've found the best of what's out there. In many cases, the discounts and deals you know about are just the tip of the iceberg. Here's a whole new arsenal to add to your bag of money-saving tricks.

Twitter Travel Deals: Snooze, You Lose


Increasingly, frugal travelers are turning to social networking sites such as Twitter to find the best travel deals on airline tickets, hotel reservations and other travel-related purchases. Twitter members can follow the tweets of other users who offer travel deals and other consumer bargains.

Want a Vacation? Deals are Everywhere


The recession has not been kind to the travel industry. Hotels and airlines have responded by dramatically cutting prices in a bid to survive. Clearly, the outlet mall of world travel is open for business. Here are six steps you can take to make sure you reap the benefits.

Finding Cheap Airfares

Lee Doppelt

In the past few years, the increasing costs of airport security and rising fuel costs have made air travel ridiculously expensive. But there are some legitimate and sensible ways to make air travel more reasonable for you and your family.

5 Tips for Booking the Best Hotel Deals


The biggest discounts will go to those in the know. So before checking in, check out discount hotel deals by following these strategies.

5 Keys to Unlocking Hidden Hotel Deals


If you didn't reserve your last hotel room through Priceline or one of the other "hidden" hotel deal sites, sorry -- you just overpaid. Hidden, or "opaque," hotel deals -- the kind in which you don't know where you're staying until you after you make the reservation -- can save you big money every time you travel.

Hospitality Clubs Offer Travel Deals


Frugal travelers may save a bundle on lodging by joining hospitality exchange clubs. Enrollees pay an annual fee and enjoy the privilege of staying in other members' homes when traveling. In return, they must be willing to offer an extra room in their own homes to fellow travel-club members.

5 Ways to Score Cheap Hotel Deals


Despite what you might think, you don't have to spend a fortune to stay at a four-star hotel. A little legwork can score you cheap deals, whether you're staying at a luxury resort, bed and breakfast, or run-of-the-mill hotel or motel. With the following tips, you and your companions can trim hotel costs and enjoy a delightful getaway without breaking the bank.

Online Travel Sites Trim Airfare Costs


Holiday phone calls or e-mails may replace hopping on an airplane to visit family. But before you despair that you'll never see your kinfolk again, consider this tip for saving on airfare.

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