Do you really need insurance when you travel?

Vacations: Insurance

Flight Canceled? Travel Insurance Can Help


No matter how much careful preparation you put into a trip, Mother Nature can always clip your wings with weather bad enough to cause flight cancellations and delays. Given the unpredictability of travel, consumers are turning to travel insurance to keep their finances on solid ground when flights are earthbound. Read more: Follow us: @Bankrate on Twitter | Bankrate on Facebook

7 Travel Insurance Tips for Hurricane Season


When storms disrupt your travel plans, the right travel insurance policy can cover costs related to flight delays, unexpected hotel stays and transportation rerouting. Here are seven expert tips on how to protect your vacation during the height of hurricane season.

Who Needs Trip Insurance?

Debra L. Karplus, MS

Buying any kind of insurance can seem like a bit of a gamble. But certain kinds of insurance sometimes make sense to have. When purchasing your air tickets, there is typically an optional add-on charge to buy travel insurance. This goes through a trip insurance company that works with your airline. Before clicking to pay for this option, you will want to read every single word of the fine print to be absolutely certain that you are getting exactly the coverage that you desire.

6 Things You Need to Know About Trip insurance

Joanne Guidoccio

While many consumers carefully research and plan most aspects of their vacations, they tend to overlook or dismiss travel insurance. Alternatively, they may settle for the cheapest policy offered. When investigating travel insurance policies, consider the following tips.

Travel Insurance for 5 Ways to Get Away


Between capsized cruise ships, ongoing political tensions and the annual hurricane season, summer travel can seem like risky business. But don't resign yourself to a staycation just yet. Travel insurance policies can protect against annoyances and accidents, both common and extreme.

10 Tips to Clip Travel Cancellation Fees


You booked a great vacation, but now your spouse is sick and you have to cancel. The question is: Will your money be leaving while you stay home? Smart moves can help curb cancellation costs, although you usually can't avoid them altogether. In any case, the earlier you start, the better. Here's your top 10 list to help see to it that if you have to cancel, the only thing you're losing is the trip.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?


How can you tell if you need travel insurance? That depends on your personal and financial situation and the nature of the trip. Is your health likely to force you to cancel or postpone your trip? How much would you pay out of pocket for food and lodging if your flight were delayed, and what is a likelihood of that happening given your destination, seasonal weather, etc.? Consider these and other questions when deciding whether to get insurance or not.

Video: Do You Need Travel Insurance?


If you have it, you can rest assured your vacation plans are secure while getting some much needed R&R.

Do You Need Car Rental Insurance Coverage?

TDS Reader Contributors

Which coverage is needed when renting a car? Is it the same in every state? Will it cover more than one driver? Here's how to get the answers to these questions and more.

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