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The average person spends over half their money on a place to live and transportation. They're the two biggest expenses that most of us will face each month. Because we spend so much on housing and transportation they provide a wonderful opportunity for saving. But, they also can blow up your finances if you make a mistake!

Do you wonder if:

  • you should refinance your mortgage?
  • you're paying too much for home or auto insurance?
  • you have the right type of insurance coverage?
  • you should keep or trade your car?

Or are you concerned about:

  • how to afford needed home repair/remodeling?
  • how to get the best deal on a newer car?

Do your finances concern you? Are you worried about:

  • an unplanned emergency?
  • unplanned medical expenses?
  • having enough money to retire?
  • losing your job?
  • Identity theft/theft?
  • poor credit?

These are all problems that I hear frequently among visitors to The Dollar Stretcher website and readers of our free weekly newsletter Surviving Tough Times.

My name is Gary Foreman. I'm a former financial planner who's been helping people solve financial problems for 35 years. I've counseled people who have lost their jobs, many who are in debt and others who didn't know how to control their spending. I may not have found all the answers, but I believe I know where to look for them. And, that's what I include in our free weekly newsletter Surviving Tough Times. Each week we find articles from a variety of experts that can help you navigate the financial challenges of your life.

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And get a copy of Are You Heading for Debt Trouble? A Simple Checklist and What You Can Do About It for FREE.

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