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We want to help you take control of your money! That's our main purpose here at "The Dollar Stretcher" and something that we've been doing since 1996. You're not alone. In fact, over 200,000 readers get our enewsletters and another 250,000 visit the website each week. So you're in good company.

How can we help you do that? Not by selling you products. We don't have any to sell. What we do have is a lots of practical information. You'll find new material on our website every day and a whole new front page each week. Our library contains thousands of articles on specific money-saving concepts or you can do a site search from any page on the site. You can sign up for one of our enewsletters and have great ideas delivered to you regularly. You might want to join our Financial Independence group. We also have an active Community where people share their money-saving ideas.

We value your privacy. If you subscribe to our enewsletters you have our promise that we will never sell or make your email address available to anyone for any purpose. If you join our Community we'll protect your information there, too.

How do we make our money? By accepting sponsor ads and affiliate arrangements. But we will always put your needs first. For instance, if we recommend a bank it won't be because they have the highest affiliate payout. It will be because they provide what you need to take control of your finances.

We want to communicate with our readers. This is a team effort. If you'd like to contribute a suggestion, ask for help with a problem, or even write a column please let us know. Feel free to contribute to the 'Tips' area. We welcome your complaints, too!

Please feel free to tell your friends about us. We all know someone who is struggling with their finances. You'll be doing them (and us!) a favor if you tell them about our site. They have nothing to lose and what they learn at The Dollar Stretcher could help them to take control of their finances. Might even make you a hero!

Your financial independence. We like nothing better than to help you achieve Financial Indpendence. We're confident that you can do it. Why not read the Financial Declaration of Independence and join those who have already started to take control of their financial lives? You'll be surprised how quickly your life can change for the better.

Gary Foreman
gary @stretcher.com
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