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The Dollar Stretcher is dedicated to helping consumers "live better...for less" and has been publishing time and money-saving ideas since 1996. Along with The Dollar Stretcher website, we also publish six email newsletters and a monthly printed newsletter. Between our various publications we reach well over a half million readers each month.

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  • Alexa Global Rank: 116,724 (U.S. Rank 30,146)
  • Google Page Rank: 5
  • Page Views per Month: Between 500,000 - 750,000
  • Unique Visitors per Month: Between 200,000 - 350,000
  • Email newsletter subscribers: 225,000+
  • Plus a thriving and active frugal living community forum of over 142,000 users

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What Can We Offer You?
We can offer your company and product exposure to our large audience on multiple platforms. Plus we are always willing to work with you on a specific product/brand advertising or marketing strategy tailored for your unique needs.

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Sponsored Posts and Text Links

All sponsored posts are featured on our front page for one week to maximize exposure. You've probably noticed that there are many articles on our front page. Admittedly, that does make it harder for your post to stand out. But, unlike the blogs where your post is 'top and center' for a day or so and then pushed down the page, your post will be exposed to a much larger audience. Our index page typically gets 35k visitors per week. We'll also include your post on our channel index pages (for instance our money section). In addition, we also promote via social media channels. We do need to indicate that it's a 'sponsored post' and 'no follow' the links. We charge $100 for a post written by the sponsor and would need to preapprove any submissions. We can also write the post for $150. For an additional $100 we can include your post on the front page carrousel for a week. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please email (sales @

Text links are available. Pricing is based on the page views for that individual page. You can suggest a page that you'd prefer or give us a topic and we can suggest some pages. For more information about text links, please email (sales @

Product Promotions, Reviews and Giveaways:
The Dollar Stretcher would love to work with you on featuring your company or blog on our website. With our product reviews, we are always open to ideas and suggestions from companies, but our product review opinions are our own and are unbiased. We also promote books, but, because of time constraints, we cannot gaurantee that we will be able to read every book and review it.

Advertising Opportunities:
The Dollar Stretcher offers several advertising opportunities, including banner, footer, and sidebar ads on both our website and in our newsletter. Our ad size is 300 px (w) by 250 px (h). This size will fit any article page, the front page, our newsletters, and on any device or monitor size. We can also work with you on a custom ad space and size.

Advertising with The Dollar Stretcher is a wonderful way to get your product in front of a large audence. Our ads run for 30 days, are billed monthly, and are automatically renewed until a written notice is received two-weeks prior to desired cancellation date. All advertising is subject to content review and approval, and TDS reserves the right to decline advertising content for any reason it feels is inappropriate. We also would be happy to work with you specifically to create an advertising plan unique for your brand or company. For more information about advertising opportunities, please email (sales @

If you'd like to explore the possibilities for spreading the word about your product or brand please send email to (sales @ We look forward to creating something helpful for you. Let's get started today!

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