Old Man Winter has high-jacked his car

Frozen Car Doors

Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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I need to know how to open my frozen car door. the snow is coming and I need to do it fast.

How frozen is it? Is it just the lock or is it the entire door? Are both sides frozen? If it is just the lock, take your key, and hold it to a lighter. Heat the key and stick it in the lock. That would help melt the ice. Once you get it open, spray it with WD-40. That will displace any remaining water so it won't freeze again.

If the entire door is frozen shut, then carefully chip away at the ice around the edges. Be careful not to go too deep, remember there is a car under there. You don't want to scratch your paint or something worse. If you still can't get it open, try some windshield washer fluid. That has a little alcohol in it and should help melt the ice.

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If all else fails, try hot water. Pour it over the frozen places to help melt the ice. You gotta be quick though, because you don't want it to re-freeze and make life worse. And you don't want to do it too much because you may melt the wax on the car's surface. Once you melt the ice, you must dry it thoroughly... if you don't, you will be faced with this same situation shortly.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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