Grill Clean-Up and Repair

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Grill Cleaning: Love That BBQ Taste, But...

My husband and teenage sons love grilled burgers, steaks, chicken, you name it! But they don't remember to go back out and scrape the grill after it has cooled. How can I get all the burned-on grease off without spending all day scrubbing? I tried soaking the grates in ammonia, with limited success. And there is still a greasy mess in the bottom of the grill around the burner, as well as on the inside of the lid.

While I was cleaning it, I noticed that the burner needs to be replaced. It has at least one hole in it that shouldn't be there. Is this something that I (or my teenage son) could do inexpensively? How? I appreciate any and all help you can give!

Grill Cleaning: Work With the Heat

If it's a gas grill, just wait until the next time you are grilling. After the grill heats up, use one of those wire grill brushes and brush clean. It's very little effort.

Grill Cleaning: Parts Are Replaceable

Replacement burners are available for $20 to $30. They are very easy to install. I had my last gas grill for 18 years. I bought one or two replacement burners in that time and when other parts needed replacement I found them at the recycling center.

Grill Cleaning: It's Handy and Free

For the grates on the grill, take a small wad of aluminum foil (usually, I use a 'used' piece from cooking, making sure the food residue is on the inside of the ball) and rub it up and down the bars of the grate. The foil will mold itself to the bars, making it a "form-fitting" scouring pad.

Depending on the surface of the grill, the foil may work there too, but usually, you need something a little less abrasive. Maybe (testing it on an inconspicuous part) try soaking some white vinegar on it first. Hope this helps,

Grill Cleaning: Let Nature Do the Work

I read somewhere (I think it was The Dollar Stretcher!) that if you lay your grill on your lawn overnight, the next morning it will be easy to brush off the residue left by not cleaning right away. I tried this and it worked nicely.

Grill Cleaning: The "Cheater's" Method

Here's the lazy way to keep your grill clean.

  • Spray the grate with a non-stick cooking spray before cooking. (PAM)
  • After you are done cooking, use some tongs to lift out the metal grate and set it aside to cool. After dinner, put the cooled grate into the dishwasher.

The burner is a relatively simple replacement and usually only takes hand tools. Wal-Mart has the replacement parts, but you can sometimes get them cheaper from the manufacturer. Works for me.

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