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I have just had no wax flooring installed and am wondering what to use on it when mopping. I have several suggestions from people but am confused on which idea is the best. I don't want to ruin the shine by not checking out every idea.

The Answer is in the Mop

Several years ago I had an expensive no-wax floor installed in my kitchen, computer room, and hall. I was told to use only water until the floor looked like it could use something stronger. I still do that. When I see that it needs something more than water; I use Armstrong Concentrate Floor Cleaner according to directions. I'm sure there are probably other brands that will do equally as well but this one is easy to find. You simply put a small amount of the cleaner into hot water and wash your floor. Never use the pine cleaners, soapy detergents, or the products that are supposed to add a shine to your floor. They will leave a film on your floor.

I only had one problem and now I have that resolved. After the floor got a little age on it, I noticed that when I wet mopped it with either plain water or the cleaning solution, streaks were left on the floor and it no longer looked as it did when it was new. My daughter saw the streaks and told me to mop only with one of the Wonder Mops. They are the mops that, instead of having the traditional "strings", seem to be made with strips of some sort of strong paper or cloth. I believe that there are several brands of these mops. I had never bought one before because they just did not look as though they would clean as well as the more traditional mop. Much to my surprise, the mop did the trick and no more streaks. My floors, which are large black and white squares, still look almost as good as the day they were put down. I hope that this works for you as well as it did for me.

Various Cleaners Available

My grandmother has always sworn by baking soda and hot water. I just had new no wax floors installed as well last December. I use the baking soda and water on them and they look great. If I get any scuff marks on the flooring, I use an eraser and erase them. I got some oily drive sealer on the floor when I had the drive coated a couple of months ago and that came up with some good old Mr. Clean but I had to do it immediately.

My neighbor uses Dow Scrubbing Bubbles on her kitchen no wax and swears by that. She, however, is not living the frugal life, and at $3.99 a can, I won't pay that to clean the floor. You can get a less expensive brand of this at the dollar store though if you would prefer to try that.

Murphy Oil Soap Works Great

It has been my experience that using Murphy Oil Soap Original Formula works great for no-wax floors. It is recommended for No-wax floors on the back of the container. If you haven't tried this product, you should at least give it a chance. I think you'll be amazed at the end results!

As Easy As Dish Soap

I like to use sunlight dish soap on my floors. It is a very mild detergent so it will not affect the shine of your floors. Make sure to rinse your floor afterwards. Do not use hot water, use luke warm water.

A Great Smell Too

I have just discovered Rain Clean scented Pine-Sol since I had a coupon. It left my no wax floor sparkling without having to rinse and smells really nice.

Check sale prices for No Wax Cleaners on Amazon.

A Word from the Pro

My husband is a professional floor covering installer. This is what he tells his customers and it works. Never use hot water! The hot water destroys the finish that is on your flooring. Use either vinegar and water or Murphy's oil soap to clean your floors. Doing this will keep your floors clean and protect the factory finish.

Check with the Manufacturer

First, call the flooring company that sold you the flooring. They will have some good tips. Then, get an 800 number for the manufacturer. I did this when my no wax floor had black marks that wouldn't come up--the solution was to use bar-be-que fire starter! Worked quickly on scuffs I otherwise would have been scrubbing with the wrong stuff and ruining the floor at the same time. This might not be a solution for you, but check with the manufacturer about your problem. You might be surprised.
Linda H.

Twenty Years and Still Going Great

I had no wax linoleum installed about 20 years ago. Instructions said to use Armstrong's "Once and Done" on it. That's all I've ever used and the finish is just as shiny as it was when new. You mix a cup of the solution with a gallon of water. Check hardware stores for it. I don't think supermarkets carry it.

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