Favorite Frugal Resources

Good Resources?

Needed: Your Favorite Frugal Books, Sites, Magazines, and Lists

I'm developing an online reference on frugal living for public libraries. It should include the best books, sites, magazines, e-mail lists, and organizations. You name it! I'd really like to know what sources Dollar Stretcher readers rely on the most. I have my own favorites, but what works for me may not work for others, and there are often regional sources.

A Good Discount on Magazines

My favorite web site to order magazines is discountmagazines.com because you can get many news stand magazines for under $12.00 for a year. They also offer "members" special deals throughout the year. The only catch is your first order has to be like 5 magazines, but after that you can order them one at a time. It also takes a couple of months for them to start arriving. They also work with you on doing gift subscriptions.

A Few of My Favorite Things

A list of resources:


Ivillage has Good Resources

I would like to share my favorite sources for frugal living (besides Dollar Stretcher) with the person developing an online reference for libraries.

I am a Community Leader of the "Savers Circle" Message board on IVillage. We share ideas for saving money as well as encouraging others to live frugally and build up their savings. The URL is: http://www.ivillage.com/ There are other money-saving ideas boards on IVillage's Moneylife channel ivillage.com/money/boards/ such as Frugal Kitchen and Frugal Gifts and Celebrations.

Books to Check Out

My favorite financial resources are:


Good Prices on Books, CD's, & Videos

Favorite website to purchase books, CDs and videos is half.com. I have even found hardcover books that are out of print and I usually purchased them for a very low price. The other nice thing about this site is that you can re-sell items you purchase when you are finished with them, plus you can sell items from around your house that you no longer need or want. And, the customer service of this site is the best I've experienced on-line.

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