Revitalize With Vinegar

by Kim Adams

Most of us have grown up in an age where we're always searching for the newest and best product. I don't know about you, but I've spent a fortune over the years on cleaning products that are "New and Improved!" "Amazing!" and "Incredible!", but I've recently discovered an old cleaner that works better than most of the new ones for just a fraction of the price.

Now don't laugh and be sure to keep reading. It's vinegar. I know what you're thinking because whenever I thought of Vinegar I thought of Easter Eggs. That's all we ever used it for when I was growing up. I've recently discovered an amazing amount of uses for it. If you give it a try I'm sure you'll be as surprised as I was. It's very inexpensive, especially if you buy it by the gallon or case at a Warehouse Club.

I've got a kitchen drain that drains very slowly. I recently poured some vinegar in it, then poured some baking soda into the vinegar and ran some hot water down the drain. I repeated the process one more time and my drain is working great now. The vinegar and baking soda will bubble up when mixed together and they cleaned that slow drain right out.

I use to worry about spraying weed killer in my yard, but not any more. Fill a spray bottle with two parts water, two parts vinegar, and one part dish soap. It works great.

I keep a bottle of three parts vinegar and one part water under my sink and spray it on the kitchen counters each night after wiping them off. It sanitizes them and once it dries the smell of vinegar disappears. You're left with clean countertops.

One of my sons still has a problem with wetting the bed at night. When he has an accident I spray the vinegar and water mixture on his mattress and let it dry during the day to help keep his mattress from smelling. I also use it on the carpet if my toddler has an accident during the day (we're working on potty training!)

Is your showerhead clogged? Fill a baggie with vinegar and use a rubber band to secure it in place so that the showerhead will soak in the vinegar over night. The next morning your showerhead should be working just fine!

I also use the vinegar and baking soda mixture to clean toilets, bathtubs and pans that have dinner stuck to the bottom of them. It's amazing all of the uses that I've found for this old fashioned product!'s not just for Easter any more!

Kim Adams publishes the Mom-Mania Newsletter.

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