What's the best time to buy a new furnace?

Buying a New Furnace

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Best Time to Buy a Furnace?

I live in southern California and would like to know the most economical time of year to have a new furnace installed. We purchased this home over a year ago. The furnace is working, but it is very old. The new addition of the house does not have heat at all, which includes the master bedroom. I discovered this near the closing and the inspector did not even notice. The prior owners had some type of wall heating unit in the master, which is not functional. It got pretty cold last winter.

Check Local Utility Before Buying Furnace

Patricia should check with her local utility to see if they have an energy efficient furnace replacement program or rebate offer. Last year, I got a new 100,000 btu furnace from Southwest Gas Corp. free to low income customers. They also had a rebate program at that time.

Buy Furnace During Slow Season

Should I use a HELOC for home remodeling and repairs?

With regard to the question about the most economical time of year to install a new furnace, my husband and I have owned a heating & air conditioning company for over 20 years in Illinois. During the months of February, March, and April, we are looking for any work we can get to keep our servicemen busy. The slowest time of year (no heat, no air) is always the best time. We probably discount our jobs about 20%. If you can plan ahead to that time, you can get tremendous savings.

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