My Story: Laundry Discs

contributed by Benny

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I've been using the T-Wave laundry discs for about 12+ years, nearly exclusively. Here's what I've experienced:

  1. It takes at least five washes for your old laundry detergent to finally be all gone. When that happens, sheets feel velvety soft. I do notice the feel of sheets washed in detergents when elsewhere, and I don't like it. This princess can feel the difference between the first night's use of sheets and the second.
  2. When the laundry detergent is truly gone, you'll finally know what the actual item really smells like. For example, cotton has a distinct scent. Since most have never been without perfumed laundry detergents, this can be a surprise! Frankly, I appreciate not having the perfumes for my health. But then, I grew up outside a city and know what fresh air smells like. A large number of people confuse perfumes (that cloak bad smells) with natural air.
  3. Laundry detergents have special additives that add a reflective coating to cloth surfaces, fooling the eye. This is usually noticed only with whites. If you want that quality (and who doesn't avoid dingy whites?), you can occasionally put a very modest amount of detergent into your wash. Remember, it lasts on the cloth for at least four washes afterwards.
  4. It is very apparent that there is a great deal of confusion regarding laundry discs. The T-Wave discs consist of a plastic "cage" with ceramic pellets inside. There is no magnet. There is no liquid inside. I suspect that knock-offs are designed just close enough in appearance to cause sales that have very little to do with the original discs, the ones that work. I heard of the discs from a friend who had lived in Japan. Apparently, the true style of discs are very popular in Japan and have been available there for at least 15 years.
  5. They work. I tend to do gardening on the up close and grubby level. I'm an artist. I do treadmill exercise. I have a dog (say hello to Spot the mostly Rhodesian Ridgeback). My past housemate was a stagehand, and you wouldn't want to know what they get into with their clothes. Yes, you do have to pre-treat stains. Yes, the cost in money and the environmental savings are as claimed. If you travel, they're great to have in your suitcase for that dash to the laundry.
  6. Stick with the T-Wave version. If you buy junk "versions," you'll get junk.

I notice that the price hasn't gone up. When I purchased my first batch, I paid about the same. After trying them out, I decided that they were great, so I purchased a slew of them (better known as pre-emptive purchasing) just in case they stopped being available in this country. I'm only looking now because a pal asked how to get the brand I have. She's developing allergies and is ready to try them. But, I am not a good enough friend to give her my last set.

I'm a big fan of these laundry discs. No, I don't know the maker nor own any stock, etc. I'd like to thank the inventor, however!

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