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The Perks of Part Time Work

by Shaunna Privratsky

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Most of us wish we didn't have to work. Yet, in the uncertain economy, we feel fortunate to even have a job. Or we need to supplement our income with a second, part-time job. Maybe you want to retire, but still want the security of some money coming in.

Start by prioritizing your life. Could you get by on less income? Maybe you want more time to pursue a hobby or a career you have always dreamed about. Perhaps you would like to get a degree or further your schooling, but your full-time job prevents it. The key is to find the magic balance between making enough money and juggling your valuable time.

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More and more people are discovering the benefits of part-time employment. You don't have to devote as much time at the worksite, yet you still reap the rewards. Maximize your potential profits by researching the company you work for.

The best time to find out about part-time benefits is when you are applying for the job. Don't be afraid to ask questions. It shows that you are informed and looking for ways to make sure the job is a good fit.

For example, many corporations allow benefits with a minimum of twenty hours a week. This is ideal, because you are working half as much, yet still enjoying health benefits, 401K plans, vacation time, sick leave, and any other perks the company offers. This is ideal for someone who has to be home at certain times for the family, who has a second job, or who needs a paycheck, but doesn't want to spend as much time working.

Even if your company doesn't offer these benefits, you can still enjoy special perks. Most retailers offer an employee discount or special sale days. You also get "first pick" of newly stocked merchandise or find out ahead of time when something is going on clearance.

Ideas for Retirees: Part Time Jobs for Retirees

If you work in the food industry, you may get free meals or a special discount. This usually extends to family members as well. For every eight-hour shift you work, you are entitled to a half-hour break through the national labor laws. This applies even if you only work two or three days a week.

Part-time positions can be seasonal, like summer-time work or around busy holidays. You may take a temporary position to get your foot in the door. Or you may want a second job for a short time to get extra cash for a special vacation or for a down payment on a new home.

Life is flexible. Is your job?
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Part-time work is also attractive when you just need a little spending money to supplement your income. It is a great way to utilize a degree in your field without committing to a full-time career. Also, it is the perfect opportunity to socialize with your co-workers and customers. Many retirees are going back to work part-time for this benefit.

A part-time job is the perfect opportunity to network with people in your chosen field. This could lead to the dream job you've always wanted. This is why college or high school internships are so popular, even though an internship is typically very low paying. A part-time position is better because it provides a paycheck along with the contacts.

So is a part time position a good opportunity for you? By weighing the benefits of more time pursuing your dreams, while still enjoying the profits and perks of employment, you may find that a part-time job is perfect.

Reviewed August 2017

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