A comparison of steamer mops

Comparing Steam Mops

Comparing Steam Mops

Anyone have a steam mop? If so, tell me about it. I want to buy one, but I am not sure what to get. I bought a Bissell® steam mop from Target. I'm sending it back. All the reviews I've been finding have almost equal number of good to bad for each model, so I'm not finding any front runners. Any advice, experience, recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
Heather in CA

All the Clean Minus the Effort

I can empathize with Heather as I needed one for all my tile floors. With five children, my floors get too dirty too fast and the only satisfactory method I had found was down on my hands and knees. I searched and read reviews and am pleased to recommend the Eureka® EnviroSteamer. I only add water and plug it in with the washable waffle pads secure and it's almost as good as being on my hands and knees, but with the obvious benefit of hardly putting out any physical effort at all. And I believe it's about half the price of the Bissell®.

Pros and Cons of Shark® Steam Mop

I got a Shark® Steam Mop for Christmas. This is the newer version and costs $89 on sale at Wal-Mart.


  • It's easy to set up and use.
  • It gets my ceramic floor really clean (squeaky) and I have noticed my white socks are staying cleaner longer now.


  • It takes more effort than advertised.
  • I can't use any household cleaners in it, and I miss that pine fresh scent.

I have not used it on my wood floors, as I had read posts on how it scratches the surface and didn't want to risk it. However, other posts specifically said to use the purple cloth and I'll keep this in mind when/if I decide to try it.

I wanted this mop because we have six animals and four adults packed into 1700 square feet of space and things get dirty quickly. I have been pleased, but am still reluctant to toss my traditional mop. I have even used my Shark® in our fiberglass bathtub with excellent results.

I've had a Shark® iron for a number of years and love it. It's funny, but the steam mop has the same smell as a freshly ironed shirt!

Cleans Great but Breaks Easily

I bought a SteamFast™. It was reasonably priced and came with several accessories. It did a great job cleaning, but I had to mail it back while it was under warranty during the first year. The part that connects to the metal handle is plastic, and the stress broke it. It just broke for the second time in the same place. I will be looking for a replacement with a metal arm for the handle.

Steam Mop Is Great for Quick Cleaning

I received a Shark® Steam Mop last year. Although I don't think it does a great job deep cleaning (I still get out the bucket and brush for that every once in a while), I do find that a quick weekly cleaning with it helps to keep my kitchen and bathroom floors in good shape. It is so light and easy to use that I don't mind getting it out for spot cleaning spills or mud/snow.

Straight Handle and Stainless Tank Are Important

After much research, I settled on the Monster™ brand. I found a good deal online that included extra pads. These replacement pads are expensive so it was less expensive to get them with my original purchase. Monster has a straight handle and stainless tank, which are the most important features. I am pleased with this purchase.

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