Can scratches be repaired? Or must she replace it?

Re-coating Non-Stick Cookware

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Re-coating Non-Stick Cookware Surfaces

I have an Express Redi-Set-Go electrical kitchen cooker with an interior Teflon® coating. The coating is flaking and chipping off. I was told by the manufacturer to take it to be re-coated. Where do I go to get this done or is there a spray (where would I buy it?) that I could apply myself? Can this really be coated for safe cooking?

Invest in New

As nice as Teflon® is to cook with, once it starts flaking, it becomes dangerous. Cooking utensils have certain codes that the manufacturer has to adhere to. That can't be said about the spray that they are telling you to use. Invest in a new appliance.
Toni B.

Get Rid of Cooker

I read somewhere that Teflon® coating flaking off in your food is a very dangerous carcinogen. Get rid of that pan!

Years ago, I found Calphalon® skillets at Bed Bath & Beyond for a special promotional price. I think I paid $25 for the set of two smaller ones and $35 for the large pan with lid. The absolute best part of it is that they came with a lifetime warranty and they mean it. With high volume cooking being done on these pans for our large family and lots of guests, we did eventually see the pans weren't as perfect as they once were years before. No problem. Bed Bath & Beyond replaced them on the spot with pans in the store with no questions asked! That's a deal and an investment that I can enjoy forever. Please note that the warranty is covered by Calphalon®, not the stores.

Cost More than Replacement

I called once about this situation and I was told it would cost more than replacing it. If it is fairly new, go to the store you got it from and see if they will replace it.
John T.

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Reader Recommends Cast Iron

First of all, once a Teflon® pan starts to flake, stop using it. The coating may be toxic. Secondly, if you pay for it to be re-coated, you're leaving yourself open to the same problem. Scratch the surface and you're getting those toxins all over again. I recommend cast iron. It's nearly as good as Teflon® on the non-stick front, and tons better for health.

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