Do you need more expensive detergents to preserve your colored clothes?

Colored Clothes and Cheaper Detergents

by Dollar Stretcher Readers

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Color Clothes and Cheaper Detergents

Do the more expensive laundry detergents like liquid Tide® tend to preserve color in clothes better than the cheaper detergents like Era® or All®?

Detergent Does Not Cause Fading

I always use cheap detergents, both liquid and powder. The only time I notice fading is when I hang clothes on the clothesline. To combat fading when using the clothesline, I always hang the clothes inside out and try to use ample pins to hang pants and shirts evenly. I hang my husband's good work clothes inside on the porch or in the shade to prevent fading. I see no reason to spend extra for detergent, especially if the clothing is good/decent quality to begin with. Whether bought new or second hand, decent clothing is something that pays for itself. Cheaply made discount clothing never fails to let me down.

Wash in Cold Water and Air Dry

I refuse to buy the premium detergents. I know some people swear by Tide® , but in my opinion, even with sale pricing and coupons, it's just more than I want to spend on soap. I think the trick to keeping colors "true" is washing in cold water (on delicate if required) and air drying whenever possible. I started cold water washing and air drying years ago to save money and found that our clothing lasted much longer overall.
Deb from Chantilly, VA

Cheaper Detergents Work Just Fine

I always buy All® when it is on sale. When loading clothes in the washer, don't overload the machine. I have found that overcrowding a washer causes clothes to wear faster and fade. Use cold or lukewarm water for colors. I still use hot for sheets, underwear, and towels. Adding a cup of white vinegar to the rinse water every few days removes excess soap from clothes and prevents color fading. I also hang items from the dryer after 20 minutes on a low heat setting to prevent fading. I always turn jeans and shirts inside out when washing to prevent fading in washer.

Brand Loyal to Tide®

A long time ago, I read in "Consumer Reports" that Tide was the best laundry detergent at getting clothes clean. I've been brand loyal ever since. I stock up when there are sales and coupons. I also use only a small amount for each load. I probably use about a third of cup for a large load and less than a quarter cup for small loads. A big jug from Costco goes a long way.

Made the Switch to Homemade Detergent

I personally use homemade and love it. Tide® is harsh on my skin. I had an allergic reaction once, and they told me it was from the detergent. All® and Era® are both good. Gain® smells the best of any, but they all clean about the same. I was never brand loyal and used whatever brand I had a coupon for and or was the cheapest. I switched this year to homemade, and it is the least expensive and cleans just as well. I have found that my eczema is better this summer than ever, and I think it is from the lack of harsh chemicals in detergents.

Are You Buying the Detergent or the Name?

We don't use Tide® because it is too expensive. We feel that they are not selling detergent, but they are selling their name. Many other liquid detergents work well and cost a fraction of what Tide® sells for.

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