Can you save by buying glasses online?

Buying Glasses Online

by Dollar Stretcher Readers

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Buying Glasses Online?

Have you had any experience with buying eyeglasses online? I just paid nearly $250 for new lenses as I re-used my frames. I simply could not afford new frames too!
Madeline in Vermont

Won't Go Back!

I was very pleased with the glasses I received from for less than $15 on one of their recent free glasses promotions (you are responsible only for sales tax and shipping). They offer these promotions a few times a month. Even off the promotions, their prices are very reasonable. They have a great selection, excellent customer service, and unbeatable prices. I haven't bought glasses or contacts from an eye doctor since I discovered them.

Don't Be Afraid of Buying Glasses Online!

I bought glasses online through with excellent results. I had a high-index prescription, which required special thin lenses that cost extra, but I still paid an unbelievably low price for them. They would have been over $400 from the optometrist, but I paid around $100 to $125. The frame selection was not great, but they had several that worked for me. Honestly, do we really need a choice of 5000 frames? I liked my glasses so much I bought another pair with dark lenses to use as sunglasses.

I had my prescription from my eye checkup, but had to figure out my pupillary distance, using a ruler they provide on their website. I worried that I wouldn't get it exactly, but it was apparently fine, as the glasses were perfect. For the future, I would have this measurement done with your eye doctor to have on file.
Anne-Marie in Ottawa, Ontario

Try on Glasses Online

I have used Zenni Optical and have been very satisfied. The price was right, much better than I could find locally. They now have a program where you can upload a photo of yourself and try on glasses online. It's neat!

Cheap Enough to Buy a Spare Pair!

I order glasses online for the whole family at They start at $7.99 for frame with prescription lens. Tints, bifocals, etc. are extra. There are lots of fashionable frames to select from even at $7.99. Have your script at hand when you go to the site and they make it easy to plug in your numbers. They are so cheap that you can have a spare pair!

Enjoy an Exceptional Value

I've used to order our new eyeglasses and saved a fortune. They offer prescription glasses including single vision lenses from $6.95 plus $4.95 shipping for your total order, no matter how many pairs of glasses you order.

I like the fact that you can upload your own photo to the site and try on the frames before placing your order. It was very helpful for picking out my frames as I can't see very well without my glasses and picking new frames at the eye doctor's office hadn't yielded good results in the past. I actually uploaded a photo wearing my old glasses so I could see the difference in the new frames compared to the old ones.

The glasses from Zenni are an exceptional value. I was going to order glasses from a national retail chain. The frames, polycarbonate progressive bifocal lenses, anti-reflective coating and anti-scratch coating were going to run me $402.16. My glasses from Zenni including frames, progressive bifocal lenses that are a better quality lens, free anti-scratch coating, and $4.95 anti-reflective coating cost me $66.90 plus $4.95 shipping. My husband's glasses were going to be $360 at the chain. His glasses through Zenni were $34.90.

I will definitely order through Zenni again. They also have prescription sunglasses available.
Patrice in Lockport, Illinois

Well Worth the Wait

I use a site called I've ordered glasses from them for several years and have been happy with my glasses. I get the tri-focal no line glasses and they were around $90 the last time I ordered. Get the prescription from your doctor and fill in the prescription information they request. Sometimes, it takes a couple of weeks or even a bit more to get your order, but I think buying glass online is well worth the wait.

What If I Just Want New Lenses?

If you want to reuse your frames and just buy new lenses, I can highly recommend, which was highly recommended to me by a frugal friend. I sent them ten-year-old frames that they "tuned up" for me for $15. My progressive bifocal lenses (the bifocals without lines) cost me less than $100 total in my own frames, not counting the cost of sending the glasses frames and prescription to them. (I sent them using FedEx ground so that I could track my shipment, which cost $10 to $12.) They did a great job, but be aware it can take three to four weeks before the finished glasses come back to you. I am very pleased with the work they did!

If you want to buy frames online cheaply, you can do that at various sites (use Google to find them), and then send those frames with your prescription to They are the only place I know of online that does only lenses, and they have complete instructions on their site for what you need to send them so they can make your lenses properly. I plan to send them another pair of old frames to "tune up" and have a backup pair of glasses made, a real necessity as I cannot drive or read without my glasses. I will then have two pairs of glasses (with clip-on sunglasses that I originally bought to match the frames) for less than the cost of lenses for one pair, if I'd had the glasses made around here. Quite a savings!

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