A fun, frugal party for that special child!

How to Throw an Affordable Birthday Party

by Kelly Richards

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Throwing a Successful Child's Birthday Party

Throwing a party for your child's birthday is almost a necessity these days, but there are plenty of ways to do it without breaking the bank. The key is to think like your child without making all the expensive choices. It means you're going to have to get very creative.

Keep the Party Small

The one thing that drives up the cost of a birthday party faster than anything else is adding on guests. For each guest who comes, you need party favors, cake, and other food, so keeping your party small is the easiest way to keep it affordable.

Some parents use the rule of inviting as many kids are your child's age, but this is certainly a very loose rule. Try to keep the number of children under 10 to really be able to control your costs. If your child is six years or younger, then three or four friends is certainly plenty. Just don't feel obligated to invite your child's entire school class. You need to set some limits if your goal is an affordable birthday party. Besides, the fewer the kids you have to deal with, the less stress you will feel during the party.

Cut Costs on Decorations

One very easy place to save money is on the decorations. Many parents go all out and spend a lot of money on the name-brand banners and streamers with their child's favorite cartoon character on them. However, you can add just as much color and flare by using balloons and just plain streamers. One bag of balloons is very inexpensive, and the streamers are certainly optional. You'll be amazed at how festive you can make the space by simply using balloons!

If your child really wants some kind of decoration with her favorite cartoon character, then opt for the paper plates and napkins. This is a very inexpensive way to add your child's personality into an affordable birthday party.

Saving Money on Party Favors

A child's party certainly isn't complete without goodie bags, and there are plenty of ways to save money on them as well. Use lunch bags to hold the goodies. You can even get colored bags if you want them to match the decorations.

When it comes time to fill those bags, get creative. Think about offering a craft kids can make to then take home with them after the party.

Make the Cake Yourself

To achieve an affordable birthday party, you can decide to bake the cake yourself. There are plenty of specialty cake pans available if your child has his/her heart set on a cartoon character cake. You might have to get a little creative with the frosting and decorations on the cake, but it is far cheaper than buying a Little Mermaid birthday cake or another expensive cartoon character cake from the bakery.

Reviewed May 2017

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