How do you clean an oscillating fan?

Cleaning an Oscillating Fan

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Cleaning an Oscillating Fan

I have an oscillating fan that I want to use this summer, but it's gotten really dusty. What's the best way to clean it?

Blow the Dust Away

We use a leaf blower. We bring the fans outside and blow all the dust off. It works great!

Two Ideas to Try

  1. If you have a compressor, take the fan outside and blow it out.
  2. If not, then find a long, thin handled paintbrush (like a crafts brush) and try that. Most of the time that helps.

I have four indoor cats that love sleeping in front of the fan, and invariably, their fur gets "pulled" into the fan blades. I have found both these methods very helpful.

Clean with Hot Steaming Water

One of the best cleaning investments I made was to buy a small, handheld steam cleaner. Sure, I paid about $52 for it up-front, but I've saved a lot. First of all, it cleans all those nasty, grimy places (like fans, screen windows, floor duct vents, around faucets in bathrooms, in the corners of bathroom floors, and even your gas grill) with hot steaming water. Second, I no longer buy cleaning products because all I need is my steamer and a towel to mop up the grime and water residue. It's made cleaning kind of fun!

Worth the Risk?

I have cleaned electric fans with soap and water. I didn't submerge them, but sprayed soapy water on the dirty blades and the grills and reached in with a long-handled brush to scrub. I did this three years in a row. After that, the fan didn't work, but I considered it worth the risk.

Takes Time, But It Works

I used to have a fan that I cleaned with a damp rag and a butter knife. It took forever, but I got it pretty clean that way. I unplugged first of course. For only dust, a SwifferŽ should work okay.

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