We review NaturOli Soap Nuts

A Natural and Frugal Laundry Alternative

by Paige Estigarribia

The Dollar Stretcher was sent a package of NaturOli Soap Nuts, the mini-sized 18X soap berry liquid laundry detergent concentrate, and the laundry soap pre-treat stick to facilitate this review. The Dollar Stretcher received no compensation for this review. All opinions expressed are those of the author.

For me, there is no chore worse than laundry. With my big family, it seems like there's always laundry to do, and laundry detergent is always on my grocery list. For a person that loves to check things off a to-do list...this job is never done! And I'm always on the lookout for great natural products that work well. So as I was searching out some green cleaning options, I came across the concept of soap nuts for laundry.


Soap nuts? For laundry?

I decided to contact NaturOli, a company that sells fine-quality soap nuts and soap berry products, to see if I could try some out some soap nuts for my piles of laundry at home. They sent me some soap nuts, along with a few more additional soap berry items to try. And...with laundry on my to-do list, and my washing machine ready, I tackled my dirty clothes armed with some soap nuts. Did they work? Here's my opinion:

A Little About Soap Nuts

There are actually a bunch of cool things about using soap nuts for your laundry. Soap nuts work because the husk contains saponins, and these saponins produce the "soap-like" effect when mixed with hot water and agitation. The NaturOli website also has instructions for using the soap nuts with cold water too. For a hot wash, you put your laundry in the machine, and 4-5 soap nuts in the provided muslin bag. Turn on the washer, and that's it! Plus, the soap nuts can be re-used for up to 3-5 times, or until they get mushy and grey. According to their website, they are biodegradable, don't pollute our water supply, and contain no harmful chemicals or perfumes. The NaturOli website has some additional fantastic information about the benefits of using soap nuts.

Naturoli Soap Nuts

What We Liked About NaturOli Soap Nuts

Ok, so I admit that I was really curious when I first received the NaturOli Nuts. I opened the box, and the smell was natural and clean. I took everything home, and piled in a load of laundry. I put a few Naturoli Nuts into the washer in the muslin bag, and once the cycle was finished, took everything out and inspected.

Smell test opinion? It smelled clean but not fake, perfume-y clean. A thumbs up!

Look test opinion? I held up one of my kid's shirts with food stains going in - no stains! I held up some dish towels that were dirty going in - no stains! More thumbs up!

Super yucky stain test opinion? I hold up a white towel I used to clean up some spilled iced tea. It had a major tea stain all over it and it had been in the laundry for a few hours. After the wash. it smelled clean! But the stain was still there. The pre-treat stick might be a good bet for some types of really icky stains. But, a fellow TDS co-worker used the pre-treat stick on some good muddy shirts, and still had a stain issue after it went through the wash. I put the Naturoli Nuts to the test again, this time with my daughter's super muddy sneakers. 5 Naturoli Nuts + a little of the Soap Berry Concentrate + hot washing cycle = CLEAN SHOES! Amazing!

I decided to see how long I could use the nuts, and so far, I'm on my fourth load with the same nuts I used with the shoes. Every load I've washed with the soap nuts has come out smelling and looking clean, and basic, everyday dirt is gone. I'm thinking the fact that I can reuse these nuts could potentially save me money, too!

Naturoli Soap Nuts

What to Think About before Purchasing NaturOli Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts aren't available everywhere, so make sure to research where you can find them. They are available on the NaturOli site, and on Amazon (ARV $18.95 for 1 pound of Naturoli Nuts), and you also might check health food stores too. And they might not be able to tackle some awful set-in stains, but many regular detergents might have trouble with these kinds of stains too.

They also might work differently depending on the kind of water you have, the washing machine model you have, and the cycle you use. I have a front loader, and on my really hot cycle, they worked for the everyday laundry loads. Plus when you are done with them, just toss them in your compost bin!

And that's it! Overall, in my opinion, I found NaturOli Nuts to be great, natural tools for tackling laundry on your to-do list.

Paige Estigarribia is a writer for The Dollar Stretcher who enjoys writing about food, frugal living, and money-saving tips. Visit Paige on Google+.

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