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How to Clean a Gas BBQ Grill

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How to Clean a Gas BBQ Grill

It's nearly time to put away my gas grill for the season. I use it a lot and it's a few years old. I was thinking of replacing it, but decided that a good cleaning should do the trick. Can anyone give me some advice on how to do a deep cleaning on my gas BBQ grill?

Scrape Away the Grime

We bought a used gas grill and the inside of the lid was black, greasy, and peeling. We ended up using a razor blade scraper, which solved the problem quickly, completely, and with practically no effort. If the powder coating weren't already peeling, we probably wouldn't have chosen to use a scraper on it.

A Completely New Grill... Well, Almost!

Your gas grill can be cleaned the same way you do an oven. First, you should remove the gas source and put it away in a safe place. Next, take the grill apart, including the lava rocks. If they look like they can be reused, keep them. If not, get rid of them and buy a new supply. Clean out all the debris in the bottom of the grill. Using a water hose, spray the grill down to rid it of all the small, loose particles you can.

Use a good oven cleaner and spray a generous amount to cover the grill, inside and out. Let this sit for an hour or more. You may have to reapply the oven spray if your grill is extra messy. While the grill is perking, get a couple of large garbage bags and place the inside parts of the grill in them. Spray the oven cleaner on them, as you did the grill. Tighten the bags and let the parts soak in the oven cleaner for an hour or two.

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Using old rags, wipe off as much of the oven cleaner (along with the dirt, grease and grime) as you can. Rinse with the water hose and see if you have to repeat the cleaning. If the removal of the grime meets your expectations, use hot water and a good degreaser like Dawn® dish detergent to wash the grill all over. Then rinse and dry again.

To make your grill look new, give it a fresh paint job. Most big box stores have the paint. Repeat these steps for the inside parts of the grill. Once everything is fresh and clean, put the grill back together. Before putting the grill away, allow it to dry completely. Now you are all set for the next cookout.

Clean with Ease

If you can remove your grill rack, an easy way to clean it is to take it outside, spray with oven spray cleaner, let it sit for a while, and then rinse with water. If necessary, you can repeat the process for heavily soiled grill racks. Always use strong sprays, such as oven cleaner, in a well-ventilated area (avoid inhaling the fumes) and wear rubber gloves to protect your skin. If the grill is fastened to the frame, you can still use this method by putting a newspaper or plastic sheeting beneath the grill rack.

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Several Ways That Work

  1. Put the grill rack into your oven on the self-cleaning cycle when you next clean your oven.
  2. Spray it with oven cleaner. Keep it on newspapers and not on grass or near plants. Wash off with the pressure nozzle on the garden hose.
  3. Run the grills through the dishwasher on the heavy-duty cycle.
  4. Take the grill to an automotive shop and ask them to pressure clean it (for a few bucks).

Nancy in Santee

How to Clean a Gas BBQ Grill Rack in Your Oven

I read a tip that said to place the ceramic grates of grills in a self-cleaning oven. I tried it, and it worked great. I have done it several times since then.

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