A good pair of scissors can cut your expenses!

4 Times Scissors Can Save You Money

by April Serock

Scissors have been around for at least 3,000 years, and you probably used your first pair of safety scissors before you even started school. Scissors are useful inventions that can save you both time and money, but having the right tool for a job is essential. Here are four times having the right pair of scissors can save you some serious cash.

Haircuts - A good pair of hairdressing scissors will often pay for themselves with one use. Hair scissors average between $9 and $25 on Amazon.com. Average salon prices for women's cuts range from $14 at a chain like Great Clips to $50 or more at a boutique salon, not including tip. With a sharp set of hairdressing scissors, you can cut those costs, sometimes by as much as 100%.

Even something as simple as trimming bangs at home (a $5 charge at Great Clips) can extend the time in-between salon visits. With some YouTube videos and a little practice, women can easily trim bangs and split ends. In time, you may feel confident enough to maintain a simple cut. If you're feeling extra brave and frugal, buy a Crea Clip, forgo the salon altogether, and cut your own hair. It's surprisingly simple, and the results are beautiful.

Though men's haircuts sometimes cost less than women's, between $14 at a chain like Great Clips and $35+ at a high-end barber or salon, men tend to get haircuts more often. Learning to trim men's hair can save not only money but also time spent driving to the barber or salon and time spent waiting for a chair to open up.

The same goes for kids' cuts and trims. Even pets can go longer between grooming appointments if you trim around the eyes and other trouble spots between visits.

Getting every last drop - Many of the products we buy, like toothpaste, shampoo, and lotion come in plastic tubes or bottles. Getting all of the product out of those tubes and bottles can be quite a challenge. That's when a good pair of heavy duty household scissors or kitchen shears comes into play. Open up an "empty" toothpaste tube, and you'll often find enough toothpaste to last another week. Consumer Reports testing found that as much as 25% of the products we buy get left in the tubes or bottles they're packaged in. That means that in every $10 bottle of lotion, $2.50 is being wasted. Cut several "used up" lotion bottles in half and scrape what's left into another container. This also works well with shampoos, conditioners, creams, and ointments. After all, you paid for those products, so you might as well use them.

A pair of Henckels shears with a 5-star rating can be had at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for around $16, and according to reviews, it will last a decade or more.

Cutting coupons - While many stores are moving toward digital coupons, plenty of paper coupons are still out there, and clipping a few may save you some money. Digital apps tend to limit you to "clipping" each coupon only once, but the limits are higher (or even nonexistent) for paper coupons. Neighbors and family members will often gladly save their coupon inserts for you if they aren't using them. That's a lot of cutting.

Clipping coupons can be a smart, fun way to save money, but trying to clip those coupons without a sharp pair of scissors can be an exercise in frustration. The thin newsprint most coupons are printed on tears with dull blades. If the bar code or the expiration date is damaged, the coupon is unusable. A sharp pair of scissors just for couponing or other paper pursuits costs less than $5 and will save you time, money, and headaches.

Sewing, crafting, and recycling fabric - Want to see a seamstress or a tailor freak out? Try cutting a piece of paper with their sewing scissors. Paper dulls scissor blades, so a pair specifically designed (and used only) for cutting fabric and thread is crucial. If you're a frugal fashionista who haunts thrift and consignment shops for quality clothing, sewing scissors to help you with adjusting a hem or changing out buttons could save you big bucks over buying clothes at retail or paying someone to alter them for you.

Fabric scissors are also essential for DIY crafts and gifts. Try cutting the edges of thick fleece for a tied blanket with your regular scissors for a quick demonstration of the importance of sharp scissors.

When your clothes have seen their last wearing or your towels become threadbare, fabric scissors make short work of turning those pieces into rags that are useful all over the house for replacing paper towels and disposable cleaning pads.

Pick up the right pair of scissors for the job and see how much money you can "cut" from your budget today!

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