Plant a Backyard Teepee for Your Kids!

by Louise Wulf

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Gardening with Kids Projects

Here's a garden project that serves several purposes. It involves your child in gardening, teaches life skills and yields a shady, living TEEPEE-retreat for daydreaming. It's easy. Everything you'll need is available at a garden center.

Form a teepee from BAMBOO POLES, lashed together about a foot from the top with rope or wire. The number of poles you'll want depends on the size of your teepee. (Experiment with various sizes at the garden center before you buy.) Wrap the teepee with TRELLIS NETTING (the stuff you use to keep the birds from eating your fruit crop), leaving a vee-shaped opening for the kids to slip into. Plant RUNNER BEANS, PEAS and/or FLOWERING VINES like morning glories and sweet peas around the bottom and voila!

This teepee takes growing time, but is quickly made and is a great introduction to gardening if the kids help make it. Master gardeners at your local extension service can advise you on vine options for your area. Peas and beans can be eaten raw, which adds to the fun, though it does decrease your harvest!

Louise is a regular contributor to The Dollar Stretcher. Her love for children is evident in her choice of subjects.

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